Sea views, 2014

I enjoy painting aspects of the sea; boats, industry, shorelines, beaches and views but I particularly like creating the break between sea and sky using a variety of techniques. This can involve thickly applied paint sanded down repeatedly and/or using collage material to create a sharp underlying profiled edge. These paintings were completed in July 2014.

Seascapes, 2013

Up until recently, I combined my painting with a busy job and found each inspired the other. This turned out to be very much the case when I was working in Aberdeen in 2012 and enjoyed the fantastic views of the sea from my B&B window at twentyfourshorehead in Stonehaven. Seascapes also included three works inspired by a lunchtime pit stop on the Beach Boulevard in Aberdeen. Most of these paintings were sold to raise money for Mary’s Meals, a charity I supported in 2013.

B Paintings, 2012

I liked the idea of a single subject to paint from and bees became the subject. The small paintings were very popular and this type of work is something I will revisit in future.

Changing Times, 2011 and Starting Over, Textile Prints, 2011

The inspiration for this work came from two old properties, a derelict cottage near Milnathort in Perthshire and an internally condemned tenement flat in Edinburgh, which I moved into after extensive renovation at the end of 2010. I called this period of my work Changing Times, which reflected a number of personal changes I had made. I used the properties, their contents and in one the transformation, as a way to represent these changes.

I used images and original materials recovered from each property, including floor and wall coverings which were over 40 years old, and spent time within each environment to help me create an interpretation of life around these places.

I used the material gathered and the character of both houses in different ways. Firstly, thinking of the life that had previously occupied them, I charted my interaction with them. Secondly, as specific inspiration, I used the actual materials recovered and translated them into a design interpretation.

In this body of work I have used painting with mixed media including ink, acrylic, collage and oil on card, hardboard and canvas. I have also used photography, both digital and traditional, printed textiles and books to bring together a design-based range of my images and interpretations of this project.

Anne Gardner, August 2014

Recent Exhibitions & Studies


RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts) 2014

Pittenweem Arts Festival, Aug 2014

GirCo Interiors, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Sep 2014


Private Exhibition in aid of Mary’s Meals, Aug 2013


The RGI 150th Annual Exhibition, Oct / Nov 2011

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, June 2011

VAS Exhibition at The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh


Edinburgh College of Art, BA Combined Studies Art & Design. Key Subjects Studied : Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printed Textiles